TECC,Tokyo Endovascular Challenging Conference

About TECC

Purpose of our activity

Tokyo Endovascular Challenging Conference (TECC) was founded in 2018 as a web-based live demonstration of endovascular therapy for peripheral arterial disease (PAD).The role of endovascular therapy in the management of PAD is becoming increasingly significant. Practice is diverse and there is a need for a universal and sustainable venue for education and research, as there are many different approaches including cardiology, vascular surgery, radiology, and many other professions.

For this reason, TECC has been holding not only live demonstrations of endovascular therapy but also various seminars and case conferences since 2019. In addition, TECC launched academic researches, and they have been presented at major congresses or published in major journals. Furthermore, we have started to spread information overseas.

We will pursue optimal PAD practice with all like-minded people around the world and with the generation that will lead endovascular therapy in the future. We look forward to your participation and cooperation in TECC.


  • President

    Kenji Suzuki

    Tokyo Saiseikai Central Hospital

  • Director

    Makoto Utsunomiya

    TOWN Homecare Clinic Jonan

  • Director

    Tatsuya Nakama

    Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa
    Medical Center

  • Auditor

    Yo Iwata

    Funabashi Municipal
    Medical Center


  • Yoshiaki Yokoi

    Kishiwada Tokushukai Hospital

  • Kazushi Urasawa

    Caress Sapporo Tokeidai
    Memorial Hospital

  • Hiroyoshi Yokoi

    Fukuoka Sanno Hospital

Program Committee

  • Yutaka Dannoura

    Sapporo City General Hospital

  • Kenji Ogata

    Miyazaki Medical Association Hospital

  • Takenobu Shimada

    Osaka Metropolitan University

  • Kazuki Tobita

    Shonan Kamakura General Hospital

  • Naoki Hayakawa

    Asahi General Hospital

  • Kazunori Horie

    Sendai Kousei Hospital


  • Yosuke Takeda

    Hospital Marketing Summit JAPAN

Administrative Secretariat

N. Practice Co., Ltd.